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Scott at Everest – with the Sun Shining

April 29, 2009

Eventually, we are going to get these vidchats from Everest Base Camp down to a science. At 11pm EDT on Wednesday – 8:45am Thursday at EBC, I spoke with Astronaut Scott Parazynski and his Media Sherpa Keith Cowing. The weather is much better at this time of day there – and so we finally saw the amazing peaks behind them. Scott also showed the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) transmitter that we use to reach the Inmarsat constellation to get these images back to the US. We also talked about the amazing SPOT satellite tracker that allows us all to follow Scott’s tracks as he treks up and down the mountain to prep for his summit bid. Scott’s blog is here and his SPOT tracks on a Google map are here. Check out the satellite and topographic maps.

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