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“The most challenging thing I have ever done…"

May 21, 2009


Scott Parazynski says it is the hardest thing he has ever done. This comes from a guy who has strapped himself five times to a rocket with the explosive force of a small nuclear bomb – and who has ventured into the void as a spacewalker seven times. In his last spacewalk, he was lashed to the end of an extended robot arm on the space station – and performed an improvised fix to some bunched arrays – which were still alive with electrical current. But summiting Everest still tops all of it.

Listen to my last Skype chat with him and his Sherpa Danuru from Everest Base Camp. It sure was a fun ride for me – even though I seldom left my laundry room. Hope you enjoyed it as well.

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As you know by now, Scott was carrying some small moon rocks with him gathered by Neil Armstrong in July 1969. Here are some great shots of him at the top including one holding the rocks in a container with a sliver of a moon in the distance.




The latest from Everest Base Camp

May 8, 2009

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Astronaut Scott Parazynski still making his way to the summit. It was a tragic day at Base Camp however – as a Sherpa guide died in a huge avalanche. I spoke with Keith Cowing this morning EDT – evening on Everest.

Meet the Sherpas!

May 1, 2009
Tenzing Norgay in May 1953.

Tenzing Norgay in May 1953.

COLUMBUS,  Ohio – Astronaut Scott Parazynski checked in from Everest Base Camp at 11:15pm EDT – 9am Saturday morning at Everest. This was a surprise as he told me 24 hours ago that he was going to hike down into thicker air to do some blood doping for the big push to the top. But on further reflection, he decided not to go. Word is some climbers got the trots while there – and it is overrun with lowly trekkers  – who are not aiming for the summit. A real mountaineer cannot be seen with such a crowd, can he /she? This gave us a serendipitous chance to meet Scott’s Sherpa Deanuru – who has summited Everest no less than ten times. Scott’s video Sherpa Keith Cowing also had a few words to say about these amazing, resilient guides (his has topped off 11 times). So what’s the secret to being a good Sherpa you wonder? I asked (of course)…

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(Legal) Blood Doping at Everest

April 30, 2009

COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 30 @ 11:30pm EDT) – Just got off the Skype with Astronaut Scott Prazynski and his Media Sherpa Kieth Cowing at Everest Base Camp. Great conversation. Got a bunch of questions in from Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to leave questions you might have below. Scott is hoping to summit on May 9 – the full moon. Mother Nature may throw a momkey wrench into those plans however. We won’t have video from Scott for a few days as he is heading into thicker air – to do some legal blood-doping at a village a few thousand feet below Base Camp.

Scott’s blog is here. The maps (politcal, satellite and topographic) showing his tracks up and down the mountains – courtesy of the SPOT satellite tracking device – are found here.

Among the questions I posed on behalf of the Interweb Nation:
Neel Patel: How long does it take to acclimate to a new atmospheric elevation so that the climbers don’t develop hypoxia and hyperventilation.
Terry Kathleen Kirchhoff: What is the average cost to participate in a successful climb for an American?
Dale Andersen: Will Scott be measuring barometric pressure at the summit or if he will log it during the climb. It would make for an interesting plot.
Andrea Mikulin Winters Kalbfleisch: Which part of the climb is the hardest…base camp 2 to camp 3 for example, the summit, the climb down, the Hillary Steps?
Brian Okeefe: What is he doing to clean up the mountain?

Sabine Hope: How are his lungs feeling?

Sasha Winderbaum Dds: What are the temps like ?

fox_in_space: what’s the power source for Your equipment there? How much low temperature affects Your gear?

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