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Heavy Snow…Uncertain Future on Everest | On Orbit

May 12, 2009

Heavy Snow…Uncertain Future on Everest | On Orbit.

Astronaut Scott Parazynski and his Media Sherpa Keith Cowing remain in Pheriche, Nepal – where the air is (relatively) thicker, the toilet facilities are (relatively) more comfortable – and the internet access is blocked by mountains. The weather and the news from the mountain is not good. So far, no one has reached the summit – and the monsoon season is but a few weeks away.

A thick wet snow is falling here in Pheriche on Day 52 of the expedition, and uncertainty exists as to when we can easily return to EBC, when the weather might lift to allow teams to recommence their summit bids, and when we might get our chanceā€¦ Snow up high means fixed lines will likely be covered, as will have our bootprints from multiple prior forays up the route. All 20+ climbing teams will be poised to go at the first hint of promising weather, which might result in crowding and bottlenecks. Meanwhile, the end of May and the approach of the monsoon season is less than 3 weeks away.

You can follow Scott’s tracks vie the SPOT Satellite Messenger at