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Worse than Nixon – or a Masterstroke?

February 21, 2010

So who will have the last word on what NASA does next in space? Maybe some powerful members of Congress…at least that is what Constellation supporters are hoping this week – as they move from the shock and denial – to the anger and bargaining stage of grief. I checked in with the exiled President of the Constellation Nation, Mike Griffin – and the king of space tourism – Eric Anderson, the CEO of Space Adventures. He  has been right in the middle of every multimillion dollar deal to send civilians on Russian rockets to the International Space Station. He has always been bullish on the space business – but never more than now.

Watch my interview with Mike Griffin here.

And the counterpoints from Eric Anderson here.

Mike Griffin

Mike Griffin

Eric Anderson (lower right)

Eric Anderson (lower right)


Bolden on Safety

February 4, 2010

There are many people who are not sure the commercial route  will be a safe way to fly.  Can smaller companies – working on their own – deliver space vehicles that are safe enough for US astronauts – and for that matter civilians to ride to space?  Lori’s boss – NASA administrator and 4 time shuttle flier – Charlie Bolden addressed that in a session on Tuesday at the National Press Club:

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Rich Cosmonauts

January 30, 2010
Expedition 22.  Source: NASA/Victor Zelentsov

Expedition 22. Source: NASA/Victor Zelentsov

Word this week that Russian cosmonauts have a sweet financial deal for spending some time on the space station.
A six month stint on ISS is enough to earn them a nice paycheck of 150 thousand dollars worth of rubles.

Not exactly a Wall Street bonus – but more than the average NASA astronaut makes in a year – whether he or she is in space or on the ground. I assume while in space – drinks and dinner are on them.

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Wanna Buy a Shuttle?

January 24, 2010

The shuttle Endeavour in the Vehicle Assembly Building.  Source:  NASA

The shuttle Endeavour in the Vehicle Assembly Building. Source: NASA

NASA is taking a cue from Wal Mart offering  the low price – always…the agency slashed the price to acquire an orbiter for public display.

They were asking 42 million bucks but just lowered the price to just south of 29 million – not including taxes title and dealer prep. Actually you can’t buy the orbiters when they are done flying – you are just paying for the shipping – piggyback on a custom 747. The higher price included the cost of safeing the vehicles – meaning cleaning out all those nasty, volatile and cancer causing chemcials. But now NASA says it will pay for that. The buyers still have to figure out how to get the orbiters from the nearest airport big enough for that 747 – to the museum – no dismantling allowed.

The Smithsonian has already claimed Discovery.   A decision on where the others end up will come this summer – what does an orbiter do to keep busy in retirement?  – play “shuttle-board” of course…

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