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The Right Stuff

January 30, 2010

Ever since SpaceShipOne grabbed the Ansari X-Prize in 2004 – and Richard Branson announced his plans to sell tickets to ride into space – there’s been a lot of excitement that space tourism will usher in a new era for non government access to space. But it is not just well heeled adventurers hoping for a gold plated bungy jump…turns out the prospect of frequent – albeit brief – trips to the edge of space have gotten some scientists’ wheels spinning.

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Staring at the Sun

January 30, 2010
Source:  ESA

Source: ESA

You know how your mother always told you never to look directly at the sun – well the European Space Agency craft known as Proba 2 is ignoring that advice and yielding some cool science.

Researchers rolled out the first images this week since the launch of Proba-2 last November.  The spacecraft was designed to test some new technology – but also do some science – focused on the sun – like its predecessor – SOHO -still out there gazing at the sun.

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