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"This Week in Space" Mailbag

January 15, 2010

twis300We got lots of feedback on the first edition of “This Week In Space,” and we thought we’d share some of it with you.  For the most part we had a real outpouring of support, and for that we thank you.  A few examples…

Del Boyles emailed in “This is exactly what the (Space Junkie) doctor ordered and provides the missing link to important news that is omitted by the existing media.  Keep ’em coming!”

“Freehawk” tweeted to us “Enjoyed Episode one, good production, interesting content and fast paced. May the news be prolific for you in the New Year.”  AMEN TO THAT Freehawk.

And Mike Kropf typed “I plan to watch on the web, every week.  Now just get Mr. Obama and the boys in Congress to watch as well, and things may just work out!!”  HOSANNA TO THAT ONE, Mike.

We got some constructive ideas that we plan to take to heart.  Jason Legere emailed “I would love to see an occasional look into the space efforts of countries other than the US….it would be interesting to see the gamut of space research and activity around the globe.”

And to be fair, you folks sent in a few zingers as well.

Mark Briceno emailed “I have always liked Miles as a reporter, so please do not take offense: Miles should dial down the jokes. ”  Oh, no offense taken, Mark – but we have added your email to our spam catcher…oh – sorry that was a joke too!

And then there is my personal favorite:
This tweet from QuantumG, who I might add had a number of pointed things to say to us…
” I have no idea who the “blank” Miles O’Brien is… to me that’s the name of a character in Star Trek.”

You are by no means the first to confuse me with Chief O’Brien, Quantum G! And who the “bleep” are you, anyway?

If you are a viewer of “This Week In Space,” we’d like to hear from you too.

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