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Tally ho, Alpha!

December 21, 2009
Expedition 22 Crew.  Source:  NASA

Expedition 22 Crew. Source: NASA

Meanwhile some reinforcements are on the way to the station – Expedition 22 – including Oleg Kotov, Soichi Noguchi, and T.J. Creamer – are slated for launch 4:51pm Eastern¬† 2151 GMT on December 20th – Before they leave – they will be blessed by a Russian Orthodox priest, sign a door in the room where Gagarin slept – watch a movie called “the white sun of the desert” and then finally – pee on the bus tire as they near the launch pad (because Yuri did, silly). Then and only then will they be deemed fit and ready for launch.

By the time you watch this, they may have already departed.  Be sure to check out for live mission updates as they happen.


"This Week In Space" – Part 2

December 21, 2009

twis300Welcome to the premier of “This Week In Space With Miles O’Brien,” a new show dedicated to keeping space lovers up to speed on the stories and issues making news off the planet.

This is Part 2 of 3, and features news on the Mars Recon Orbiter and the Mars rover Spirit, an interview with former NASA Administrator Mike Griffin on the future of the U.S. manned spaceflight program, and updates on Endeavour and the ISS.

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