The Latest Edition of "This Week In Space"!


Watch it here!

We have now done six editions of This Week In Space – and now is the time for us to figure out how to pay the rent. We are looking for advertisers — if you have any suggestions on that, let us know. In the meantime, you the viewers can help us. If you would like to help keep us on – go to our site and click on the Paypal button.  This isn’t tax deductable – but if you like our show and you want us to stay around, please consider making a contribution.

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6 Responses to “The Latest Edition of "This Week In Space"!”

  1. Facebook User Says:

    NOW is the time to figure out how to pay the rent? Jeebuz! We thought you guys had that all figured out! 😉

    I just made my teeny contribution. Good luck.

    (if you DO stop making the show, you have my permission to put the contribution toward beer)

  2. Jonathan Thomas Says:

    Hi Miles –

    I subscribed for $5 a month. It’s not much but this is a show I want to see continue. The development of space is very critical to humanity’s future and it’s refreshing to see it covered like this. When your reports show that there is actually so much going on in space development – and not just with NASA – it’s encouraging. I hope you guys can find a sponsor soon so that the show’s future is secure.

    Have you guys talked to Virgin Galactic – I would think they would be all over this?

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

  3. ramjet Says:

    Dear Mr. O’Brien:

    First let me say how much I have admired your cogent space journalism of your
    network past. I find myself eagerly awaiting each edition of TWiS and so
    congratulate you in finding your way back into the public conversation.

    But, as you have said TWiS is not a “stinking network” program.
    To be pondering publicly how to expand sponsorship beyond your generous initial
    benefactor seems inexperienced in small business matters (ie. not big network

    I urge you to examine the business and operational models of the Internet’s
    top netcaster – Leo Laporte ( Note that he has an entire portfolio
    of weekly netcasts by segmenting his base audience. The segmentation is not by
    psychographics of the audience but rather the products and services they consume.
    Identifying and approaching sponsors with an obvious business proposition is
    simple for Leo, but not easy. If it were easy then everyone would be doing it.

    Further, Leo Laporte has the same size staff as TWiS but he creates 5+ netcasts
    per week thus achieving five times the utilization of the same overhead. TWiS
    must either increase utilization of the overhead or cut heads. Assuming you are
    stuck with the overhead, then better find sponsors fast and listen to their
    needs for segmented netcasts.

    So who can let loose with cash or the promise of cash? I have to point out that
    you have an unrealistic “break” in your weekly netcast presumably for a sponsor’s
    30-sec spot – how very “network” of you… The only potential sponsors that
    actually have a 30-sec spot ready to go are the mega-corps (LockMart, Boeing, etc.). The mega-corps
    must plan their sponsorships the year before they air and so it is many months
    too late to fill the “break” – Leo Laporte does not have network-style breaks
    and neither should you.

    It seems to me that a small netcast is all about the audience attracted? The
    personality, style, and behavior of the on-camera talent drives the audience
    mix. Despite your world-class guests that are at the center of civilian
    human space flight of the USA, your style is clearly oriented toward the amateur
    space enthusiast. This means that TWiS brings a CONSUMER audience to sponsors
    and not an industrial decision-maker audience.

    So what are the product and service BRANDS that space enthusiasts consume?

    Fisher Space Pens
    Space Craft Films
    Celestron Telescopes
    Collect Space

    Beware the distributor/retailers like The Space Store, and your own major
    sponsor. Distributors have very little marketing money as they assume that
    the partner manufacturers/service providers will take the money they save avoiding
    distributing/retailing and put it into marketing which drives traffic to their
    distributor and retailer partners.

    The brands I mentioned do not have 30-sec spots to air on your program so what
    can be done for them? Seems to me that again Leo Laporte has the answer. He
    cuts into the program content with brief plugs of his sponsors. He has catch
    lines and the like for each sponsor but then he ad-libs his own personal
    endorsement. He is an opinion leader for the computer/net world and so these
    endorsements are the real pay-off for the sponsors. Leo Laporte must also
    carefully select his sponsors which are reliable and worthy of his close
    association. It seems to me the Miles O’Brien has greater household
    recognition than Leo Laporte and must have significant endorsement power…

    You asked for suggestions and I gave you my all – thanks for listening!

    Fabio Grossi
    Grapevine, TX

    PS. Yes, I will subscribe on a monthly basis and also expect that sponsors will
    eventually carry the load.

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