Getting Ready to Light that Candle

Courtesy:  SpaceX

Courtesy: SpaceX

You might want to put March 8th in your blackberry calendar – because that is the day SpaceX has reserved the range at Cape Caneveral to launch its Falon 9 rocket for the first time. The company – founded by internet millionaire Elon Musk – now reports all the hardware is at the Cape – and they just need to bolt it all together stack it up and light the fuse – Easy peasy – right? Well not really. The first launch – whenever it finally goes – will test the rocket – by lofting a mock dragon spacecraft – the real thing is designed to haul cargo to the space station under contract to NASA. Musk says he has built it to be human being ready from the outset.

[youtubevid id=”Yy8SgvJxzpI&start=1035″]


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