Space Rocks

Longbow and Zambo

Longbow and Zambo

The Tranquility Node will offer station keepers the best view of earth from inside the outpost…by far.

It is has a large cupola – with big 80 centimeter – 31 inch – porthole surrounded  half dozen trapezoid windows.  Built by the European Space Agency – this room with a view will also serve as a control tower for robot arm operations.

And it will have a special plaque somewhere in the mullions.

On it: some moon rocks collected by Neil Armstrong on July 20th 1969 – and carried to the top of Mount Everest by former astronaut Scott Parazynski on May 20th of 2009. Parazynski gave the moon rocks – along with a piece of Everest to shuttle commander George Zamka in Houston on January 6th. “Zambo” is one overqualified rock courier to be sure.

[vimeovid id=”8770332″]


One Response to “Space Rocks”

  1. charlesthespaceguy Says:

    The cupola should also have a momento (his name tag, I think) from C Lacy Veach…

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