SpaceShipTwo Rollout

SpaceShipTwo.  Courtesy:  Virgin Galactic

SpaceShipTwo. Courtesy: Virgin Galactic

The hangar door is sealed tight once again at Burt Rutan’s shop in Mojave California.  The Scaled Composites team focused on the nitty gritty details of getting SpaceShipTwo ready to carry some paying passengers to space.

If they fly like they put on a show – Virgin Galactic is bound to dazzle…about 500 hundred would be fliers, politicians and VIP’s were there on December 7th – for the rollout of Space Ship Two.  Richard Branson says his ship nearly brought him to tears…

[vimeovid id=”8267108″]

After the rollout  – a fluke storm came barreling in to Mojave…the revelers had to beat a hasty retreat – and some high winds tore the elaborate tent to shreds. Fortunately SpaceshipTwo and her mothership White Knight 2 were safely tucked in their hangar.

I don’t believe in omens…do you?

[vimeovid id=”8267108″]


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