Augustine Commissioners Should be Out Today


It’s been nearly three weeks since the Obama White House announced it would name a 10-member commission to examine NASA’s human spaceflight programs and goals, with a particular eye on its troubled Constellation rocket program. Since then, retired Lockheed Martin CEO Norm Augustine has been named the chair, but there’s been no announcement of who the members will be.

In the interests of hastening the process — some folks are saying that the announcement could come as early as this afternoon — here’s the names of eight members we’ve been able to nail down:

Besides Augustine, they are:

via Orlando Sentinel – Here are the names of most of the Augustine Commission.


One Response to “Augustine Commissioners Should be Out Today”

  1. jdhouse4 Says:

    3 weeks and going to name a committee that is supposed to study our future manned access to space. I wonder if Science Advisor Holdren, who seems to be running the show on the committee, if having trouble getting respected individuals to sign-on? Shades of things to come for NASA?

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