Wanted: Space Cadets with Open Minds



Ares V rocket at "booster sep". From NASA

Ares V rocket at "booster sep". From NASA

Norm Augustine, the man who is leading the White House scrubbing of NASA’s post-shuttle plans, has apparently selected a group of experts who have not made up their mind about the future of space exploration in this country.

They are going to have to be quick workers on deadline as well – as their report is due at the end of the summer.

I guess it would not be considered proper to have the NASA Administrator-elect Charlie Bolden sitting at the table for this (couldn’t call it independent anymore…), but since this group will be making some crucial decisions for him (like whether to build the Ares V heavy lift rocket), it would seem only fair that he be in the loop and be heard…

Norm Augustine

Norm Augustine

BETHESDA, Md. – Membership in the White House/NASA panel being set up to give the Obama administration a quick review of the U.S. human spaceflight program will be announced as early as May 27, and the group of 10 aerospace experts should clear all the regulatory wickets to begin work in about two weeks, according to Norman Augustine, the retired Lockheed Martin CEO who will chair the group.

Augustine, who took the job after discussing it with officials of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Office of Management and Budget, and key members of Congress, said in an interview May 26 that the panel will consist of experts who are “fully open-minded on the subjects.

via Spaceflight Panel Wants Open Minds | AVIATION WEEK.


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One Response to “Wanted: Space Cadets with Open Minds”

  1. mparish Says:

    Why do I have a nervous feeling about all of this….

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