Parting Shot from Atlantis


The crew of the space shuttle Atlantis is now in the homestretch of a mission for the record books. The crew is cleaning up the orbiter. Mike Massimino says the place is littered with “garbage” and looks like a teenager’s room after the parents have been gone for a few days. Landing at the Kennedy Space Center is set for 10am EDT tomorrow (Friday). But the weather is looking dicey.

On Saturday, NASA will activate its backup landing site at Edwards Air Force Base in the High Desert of California. If the weather is still not favorable for landing in Florida on Saturday – but the forecast for Sunday is improved – mission managers may elect to keep Atlantis in orbit for another 24 hours – making Sunday the get on the ground no matter where day. Check out mission coverage for the latest.

Someone on the crew also took the time to take this great shot – which is now my desktop wallpaper. You can find it here if you want to do the same.



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2 Responses to “Parting Shot from Atlantis”

  1. davidbuchner Says:

    Ooooh, pretty. Help me stop filling my hard drive with space pictures. Or buy me a bigger hard drive.

    Man, were you ever right about that Massimino. This has been one fun mission to watch. If you get to see them after, be sure to pass along enthusiastic thanks from viewers at home, for letting us tag along.

  2. Brian In NYC Says:

    Outstanding pic. Miles any idea when we’ll start seeing pics from the upgraded hubble?

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