Science vs. Media – Good Blog Post


The media really sucks at presenting and explaining science. It’s a common gripe among professional scientists, amateur scientists, and educated followers of science. I didn’t always feel this way, myself. I used to be quite optimistic about the state of science reporting.

The media is interested in entertainment and the sale of advertisement. Selling information is not in their job description because the consumer isn’t paying for it.

via My Chemical Journey: Science v. Media.


2 Responses to “Science vs. Media – Good Blog Post”

  1. andreschapero Says:

    I got here after listening to AVweb podcast. I have followed Mile´s work on CNN for years. I enjoy his approach to science in every respect, his style his interests his intelligent and precise reporting. I wish I could see more articles on electric powered ultralight aircraft such as the electraflyer trike and electric paramotorsand gliders. Why would CNN let him go ? Impossible for me to comprehend.
    Andres from Santiago, Chile.

  2. Brian In NYC Says:

    Sad but true, more people have probably heard more about Roswell then they have about E=MC2.

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