Back at Base Camp – Bad Weather, Bad Luck


Astronaut Scott Parazynski and the IMG climbing team are back now at Everest Base Camp after bad weather and some bad luck prompted them to turn back from their first summit bid of this climbing season.They will take some time to rest and head to lower, thicker air and will not likely see the summit anytime before May 20.  Scott checked in from the EBC comm tent – speaking with me about the weather, the loss of a sherpa guide in an avalanche – and how this is a lot like a shuttle main engine abort on the launch pad…

Scott writes this in his blog:

I had been in great spirits up through the Icefall, simply pleased with my time and conditioning — but by the time I got up to Camp II, my climbing partner had had to abort his summit bid, and a fatal avalanche had let loose from the West Shoulder of Everest. Chilling. I want nothing more than to top out on Everest in the next few days, and never pass through the Icefall again…

Scott’s full blog posting is here and you can follow his tracks with the help of the SPOT Satellite Messenger here.

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One Response to “Back at Base Camp – Bad Weather, Bad Luck”

  1. Jamie Campbell Says:

    This is really incredible. I’m left with a new perspective: that the dangers of exploration down here on earth can be every bit as treacherous as they must be in space. I’m going to be interested to hear Scott’s retrospective once he’s ‘come back to earth’ and given the experience time to gestate. Thanks for following this, Miles!

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