Meet the Sherpas!

Tenzing Norgay in May 1953.

Tenzing Norgay in May 1953.

COLUMBUS,  Ohio – Astronaut Scott Parazynski checked in from Everest Base Camp at 11:15pm EDT – 9am Saturday morning at Everest. This was a surprise as he told me 24 hours ago that he was going to hike down into thicker air to do some blood doping for the big push to the top. But on further reflection, he decided not to go. Word is some climbers got the trots while there – and it is overrun with lowly trekkers  – who are not aiming for the summit. A real mountaineer cannot be seen with such a crowd, can he /she? This gave us a serendipitous chance to meet Scott’s Sherpa Deanuru – who has summited Everest no less than ten times. Scott’s video Sherpa Keith Cowing also had a few words to say about these amazing, resilient guides (his has topped off 11 times). So what’s the secret to being a good Sherpa you wonder? I asked (of course)…

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3 Responses to “Meet the Sherpas!”

  1. beth beck Says:

    Thanks for posting this. You’re giving us a glimpse of Scott’s amazing journey to conquer Earth’s highest peak.

  2. briandixon Says:

    Thanks for focusing some time on the Sherpa’s and what they do (schooling, etc.). I’d like to hear Scott’s first-hand report on the avalanche they just experienced. Also – is the serac that remains behind a threat to the climbers now? Thanks Miles! Much appreciated.

  3. Diane Dimond Says:

    Great to have you here! I’ve thought of you and your lovely wife often since we saw each other at Victor’s Christmas party. Hope you are finding there is fine life after TV as I have!
    Now, you haven’t moved to Columbus permanently have you? My personal e-mail is: -give me a shout there, eh?
    And, I just clicked on your “follow me” button.
    Will you do the same for me, please?

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