Scott Parazynski checks in from Everest


Astronaut Scott Parazynski checks in from Everest Base Camp. He is resting and eating – a lot (5,000 calories a day) in preparation for his summit bid. What’s his favorite food at EBC? Not the Yak!

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You can follow Scott’s footsteps here courtesy of the SPOT satellite tracking device.

And you can read Scott’s blog here. It is quite a tale of high adventure.


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2 Responses to “Scott Parazynski checks in from Everest”

  1. aaronjdavis Says:

    Really loving these Skype chats. I have been following Scott’s blog and love getting the opportunity to see the environment in ‘Realtime’. Thanks for putting this effort together and I look forward to seeing more!


  2. Brian In NYC Says:

    Video not working, clicked on play, nothing happens. Tried it on both firefox and IE.

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