My Favorite Flying Ant


There are not many TV anchors/correspondents who can boast over high Q-ratings in the much coveted, yet seldom delivered Formicidae demo. For those of you who are Latin or Biology challenged (or both, like me), I am talking about ants – or more precisely one very special ant by the name of Klyde Morris – who is billed as “Aviation’s Only Ant” (now that is one claim that needs no verifying on The Google).

authornoliKlyde’s creator, Wes Oleszewski, is a man with a sharp eye for hypocrisy and absurdity – while also being a keen judge of TV talent! He also happens to be a top-notch model-rocket maker – operating under the nom-de-plume (get it?) of Dr. Zooch Rockets. You should check out his handiwork – his Saturn V is a giant in every way.

In any case, since December 3, 2008 – when management at CNN asked me if I “had a minute?” – and then gave me all the free time I could imagine, Klyde/Wes have penned three strips which mention my name. I submit them for your approval – and invite you to check out Thanks, Klyde, for being a fan – and I promise to go easy if I see you at a picnic. MOB





9 Responses to “My Favorite Flying Ant”

  1. Pati Mc Says:

    Hi Miles.

    This is priceless. I heard a rumor that CNN tried to contact you when the A320 went down in the Hudson. If that is true, they frankly have no shame. I have some words for that, but they are not suitable for publication, so I shall keep them to myself. 🙂

    Klyde is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kim Says:

    Those comics are exactly what I was thinking. Media as a business is funny that way. Great stuff! Keep posting.

  3. Duffey Says:

    I may be the only one alive who does not think these are funny…. painfully accurate commentary of the biz so many of us invested our lives. Definitely, stuff that makes you go, “Hmmm!” but not funny for someone who nearly died in the newsroom. Maybe it’s because I am one of a select league who can say for certain, “I am alive today, ONLY because of the work done for the space program.” But depriving the world of the voice and insights of Miles O… was a definite case of broadcast journalism management malpractice!

    It was a sad day, and as we have already seen on CNN… that crew does not have to wait until Judgment Day for their rewards and penalties. They are already feeling the sting of well deserved punishment for having banished an irreplaceable knowledge base… who left with a one of a kind Rolodex and list of friends that *are* NASA as well as the aviation industry.

  4. JON Says:

    hey miles, DID cnn try to contact you for the hudson bit ?

  5. diana Says:

    So funny…and so right on!

  6. Heartburn Home Remedy Says:

    After reading this article, I just feel that I really need more info. Can you share some resources ?


    Good to see you today on Washington Journal. Corporate controlled media will be the death of this nation yet…

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